Job Advert: Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

By 6th November 2018News

SHE104.18 – Strength & Conditioning/Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Posted: 02/11/2018 11:26
Salary: £29,193 – £36,622 p.a
Location: Sheffield
Level: Practitioner
Deadline: 19/11/2018 09:00
Hours: 37
Benefits: 29 days annual leave, career average pension scheme
Job Type: Permanent

Salary Scales: £29,193 – £36,622 p.a.

Grade: Level 2ie – Level 3ee (All Sciences)

Closing Date: 9am Monday the 19th of November 2018

Interview Date: Friday 30th of November 2018

Hours of Work: Such hours as necessary to carry out your duties. This will involve a minimum of 37 hours per week and may include working outside normal office hours at evenings and weekends and on Public Holidays.

Location: The normal place of work is the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, however the EIS may from time to time require you to travel to and work at other offices.


This role will involve leading the management and development of the strength and conditioning service to World Class Programme athletes primarily within GB Boxing but also delivering to key NGB funded multisport athletes.  The successful candidate will be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to create a world-class high-performance training environment.


Work with the identified NGB staff and Head of Performance Support and regional Strength and Conditioning technical lead to improve performance through developing, implementing and evaluating strength and conditioning programmes that reflect scientific principles as they relate to adaptation, periodisation, peaking, tapering and injury rehabilitation

  • Manage and develop the strength and conditioning service delivery and facility provision for EIS through the programming and delivery of leading-edge strength and conditioning services.
  • Ensure that the delivery of the strength and conditioning service effectively meets its commitments to athletes, coaches and National Governing Bodies including appropriate training objectives.
  • Work with coaches and support staff to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to performance development
  • Where appropriate identify and facilitate appropriate communication methods, including workshops, to inform and educate athletes, coaches and Performance Directors in the effective use of strength and conditioning
  • Maintain a comprehensive, indexed database of work conducted with athletes and coaches
  • Attend, contribute to and provide regular reports at appropriate meetings associated with the programme and to key stakeholders including other EIS colleagues and NGB staff
  • This level of role is likely to involve the management and supervision of the work of other strength and conditioning service providers, including the setting of robust and challenging objectives and the regular monitoring of performance
  • Work within the rules of professional confidentiality, liaise with athletes, primary care managers, parents, coaches and other support staff as appropriate within the rules of the HCSI Code of Conduct, standards and guidelines and where appropriate, the EIS host agency

This job description is not to be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive. It is intended as an outline indication of the areas of activity and will be amended in the light of the changing needs of the organisation.



Degree level (or equivalent) in sports science or related area, specialising in physical preparation of elite athletes Essential Sight of certificates
Higher degree level (or equivalent) specialising in the physical preparation of elite athletes Desirable Sight of certificates
Experience (5-8 years in elite sport)
Extensive experience in the provision of strength and conditioning service, including coaching to athletes and coaches to improve performance. This experience should include work with national teams and their athletes. Essential Application


Extensive experience of analysing the demands of a sport in relation to the performance outcomes and identify the strength and conditioning requirements. To develop, implement and evaluate strength and conditioning programmes for individual athletes within these sports Essential Application

Interview (problem solving task)

Extensive experience of strategic planning including individual programming supported by specific diagnostics and monitoring which inform the coaching process Essential Application


Extensive verifiable record of working within a multi-disciplinary team in the delivery of strength and conditioning services to high performance sport Essential Application


Direct line management experience (only for those who will line manage) Essential? Application Interview
Extensive experience of dealing with national performance programmes within National Governing Bodies of sport Essential Application


Knowledge and Skills (6-9 years in elite sport)    
Excellent understanding of the needs of elite athletes and coaches in a high-performance environment Essential Interview (practical)
Excellent understanding of the various sports science and sports medicine disciplines Essential Application


Excellent anatomical knowledge and ability to apply this within a strength and conditioning environment Essential Interview
Excellent knowledge of and ability to teach barbell lifts, supplementary exercises and ground based drills including how to correct common faults with appropriate diagnostics and monitoring Essential Practical
Excellent knowledge and ability to construct strength, speed/change of direction and fitness-based training schedules both gym and field based, with appropriate diagnostics and monitoring including an indexed database of work conducted with athletes Essential Assessment/ Interview
Excellent ability to modify strength and conditioning programmes according to the results of assessment data, in conjunction with coaches and other support staff Essential Interview
Excellent ability to scientifically validate and interpret the methodology of test protocols and data and other scientific data Essential Interview
Excellent ability to communicate complex data in terms that are easily understood by a wide range of audiences Essential Interview
Excellent coaching skills including the ability to adapt to the environment to motivate behavioural change and augment performance Essential Interview
An ability to undertake performance management of staff to ensure their effective operation, job satisfaction and personal development including work allocation, training, performance reviews and discipline. Essential Interview
Excellent skills in fostering productive relationships with high performance staff within national governing bodies of sport Essential Interview

For this level of role, we would expect the individual to have 6 to 9 years’ experience in elite sport, although this does not preclude applicants without this from applying if they feel they have the necessary knowledge and skills.  It is important to the EIS that candidates both have an interest in sport and recognise the importance of promoting and supporting equality, safeguarding and anti-doping within sport.

There is a practical exercise and assessment process involved in the selection of this role. Further details will be provided to shortlisted candidates.