GB Boxing are committed to protecting the integrity of the sport and work in partnership with UK Anti-Doping and our home nations to ensure that Boxing is a clean sport.

We are committed to implementing, monitoring, and evaluating an education strategy to encourage and empower the GB Boxing community. We are committed to ensure that all WCP athletes, ASP and coaches are educated on their responsibilities to clean sport – for the benefit of their health, their status, their national pride, their peers, and their reputations. We believe by educating all associated parties on athlete’s responsibilities, we are better equipped to support our boxers. GB Boxing have a strong medical and nutrition department who facilitate anti-doping processes, specifically TUE’s and supplement management.

Together with UKAD, all athletes, their support staff, medical personnel, and board members shall be aware of their obligations and responsibilities with regards to anti-doping, to ensure the promotion of clean sport and are managing the reputational risk of potential doping issues.

In April 2021 the updated National UK Anti-Doping Policy was published. This was coordinated with the launch of the UKAD Assurance Framework.

The main aim of the Assurance Framework is to ensure that each sport is adhering to the requirements that have been put in place to mitigate the risk of doping. GB Boxing currently has 100% compliance with the assurance framework.

Clean Sport Strategy and Education Implementation Plan

Our Clean Sport Strategy and Education Implementation Plan was approved by the GB Boxing board. Our missions is to support a culture in which all boxers, coaches, athlete support personnel (ASP), board members and other key stakeholders, are supported and fully informed regarding all relevant aspects of anti-doping.

With our key objectives being:

  1. To deliver appropriate anti-doping education, relevant to the experience of the boxer.
  2. Create a system in which boxers are supported with all aspects of their anti-doping responsibilities.
  3. Ensure all GB Boxing coaches; board members staff and ASP have an awareness of anti-doping and how they can help support the overall objectives.
  4. Support and continue to develop a culture in which anti-doping is everyone’s responsibility.


  • 100% of all GB Boxing Boxers have received an introductary anti-doping session as part of their induction on to the World Class Programme.
  • All Boxers, Coaches and Support Staff have been made aware of the changes to the Prohibited List for 2023. This done via email to all individuals, multiple spcial media posts both on our private and public pages and further reinforced through conversations in and around the training environment.
  • GB Boxing post monthly education sessions on our closed social media channel. The topics of the sessions are aligned to the Clean Sport Curriculum. Knowledge is checked via an interactive quiz the following week to ensure learning has taken place.
  • GB Boxing work with our Home Nations to support the education journey of boxers progresing through our pathway.


  • As of May 18th, 2022 GB Boxing were 100% compliance with UKAD’s assurance framework.
  • GB Boxing continue to provide the required evidence to maintain our compliant status.


  • For 2022-2023 Quarter 4, UKAD carried out 2771 tests.
  • In this same time period, UKAD have successfully carried out 28 tests. Bringing the total tests for the year to 77.