Talent Pathways activities

The ongoing success of GB Boxing is based on maintaining a steady flow of new talent into the squad and through the work of its Talent Pathways team, the organisation delivers a series of activities to identify, develop and assess young men and women with the potential to one day join the World Class Programme (WCP) as a funded, full-time boxer.

These activities are closely aligned with the talent development initiatives run by the home nation boxing associations in England, Scotland and Wales and aim to bring together a wide range of expertise to assist the development of the most outstanding young boxers in Great Britain.

The activities include monthly training camps at GB Boxing’s training facility in Sheffield and aim to give boxers a chance to learn from as young as 16 what it takes to train and live like an elite athlete. Boxers are assessed throughout the process and provided with structured support to help maximise their ability and enable them to make the transition from being a talented national level boxer to becoming an elite international performer with the capability to be successful at major championships and the Olympic Games.

Resources to support boxers and coaches

To help young men and women that have aspirations to join its squad, GB Boxing has produced two FREE GUIDES to help and support boxers and their coaches and enable them to understand what it takes to become a GB boxer and the different pathways to securing a place in the squad as a full-time, funded athlete.  The guides include:

  1. How to become an Olympic boxer

 This short guide has been developed to help boxers and coaches understand the different pathways to securing a place in the GB Boxing squad.  It details the two main routes to securing a place in the squad, either through performances at international tournaments or by being nominated for an assessment (by their National Governing Body) at GB Boxing’s training base.

The guide sets-out what boxers need to achieve to be nominated for an assessment by their NGB.  It provides details of how the assessment process works and the different stages involved in making it through and securing a place on the WCP.

It is available FREE to all boxers and coaches in Great Britain and can be downloaded HERE.

How to become an Olympic boxer – Guide

  1. The Pathway to Success

 “The Pathway to Success” is a performance guide produced by GB Boxing and the home nation associations which sets-out a model for producing elite boxers that looks at every aspect of their development as an athlete and a person.

It covers the technical, tactical, physical and behavioural characteristics required to become a world class international boxer and is designed to be a resource for grassroots boxers and coaches that helps them to understand what is required to earn a place in the GB Boxing squad.

 The guide sets-out the pathway for the progression of young boxers from school to senior level and details the milestones they are expected to achieve to secure the opportunity of becoming a funded athlete on the WCP.

It is available FREE to all boxers and coaches in Great Britain and can accessed/downloaded HERE.

The Pathway to Success – Guide

  1. Contacting GB Boxing’s talent pathways team

Any coaches or boxers that have questions about GB Boxing’s talent pathways activities and the different routes to securing a place on the world class performance programme can get in touch at info@gbboxing.org.uk.