BABA Equality Statement 

The BABA is committed to promoting equality in boxing, and where it is possible to do so, eliminating unfair discrimination, including but not limited to sex, gender, race, disability, age, religious or political belief, sexual orientation, social background, ethnic origin, language, marital or civil partnership status or pregnancy.

Please see the link below to the BABA equality policy.  This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains current and links appropriately to other policies.

BABA Equality Policy

Equality Standard for Sport

The BABA recognises inequalities exist in sport and takes steps to address them by creating opportunities where currently there are few available.

The Equality Standard is a framework to guide sports and community organisations to widen access and reduce inequalities within their sport from under-represented individuals, groups and communities. There are four levels of achievement – Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced. The BABA achieved the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport in 2014.

Day to day responsibility for equality and monitoring progress against the commitments outlined above will sit with the Head of Operations, supported by the CEO and board.