The Prohibited List 2024 came into effect 1 January 2024. The Prohibited List identifies the substances and method’s that are not permitted in and out of competition. The Prohibited List is updated at the beginning of every calendar year, but may also be updated throughout the year.


The most up to date version of the Prohibited List can be found on World Anti-Doping Agency’s website.


UK Anti-Doping provides useful guidance on the Prohibited List..


The Prohibited List indicates whether substances are prohibited in-competition only, or at all times. All Boxers must ensure they understand what is meant by the ‘In-Competition Period’.


In-Competition Period

The In-Competition Period is defined in the WADA Code 2024 as, “The period commencing at 11:59 pm on the day before a competition in which the Athlete is scheduled to compete through to the end of such competition and the Sample collection process related to such competition.”


Boxers must be aware that if they have a substance which is banned in-competition, in their system during the in-competition Period, this could result in an Anti-Doping Rule Violation. The determining factor is when the sample is in your system, not when the sample was ingested, meaning that if the substance is in your system during the in-competition Period, even though it was consumed out-of-competition, it will be considered an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

New to 2024 – Substances of Abuse

The 2024 Prohibited List sets out a group of illegal drugs that are misused in society and frequently used outside of a sports enhancement context. For 2024 this is cannabis (THC), heroin, ecstasy (MDMA) and cocaine.

In cases where such substances are found in-competition, there will be a:

  • substantial reduction in the length of sanction if use occurred out-of-competition and was unrelated to sports performance
  • focus on athlete welfare through a further reduction in the length of sanction if an approved treatment programme is completed.