What are they watching? – Lewis Richardson

By 28th March 2020News

With the GB Boxing calendar on hold temporarily and the country in isolation, people across the UK have plenty of time on their hands to catch up on the latest shows and movies.

Whilst maintaining their fitness and keeping up with their training programmes, our boxers are no different to everyone else and are passing the time with a little help from Netflix.

First up, we asked 75kg middleweight, Lewis Richardson what he has been watching over the last few weeks. Here is what he said:

The Pursuit of Happyness – “It’s based on a true story and it shows real grit and determination.

“The characters weather the storm and come out the other side.”

Kevin Hart ‘Don’t F**K This Up – “I love how in depth this series is by showing the rise and the ups and downs of being a global superstar.

“It’s a great insight into his beliefs, work ethics and how the past can come back to bite you.”

Peaky Blinders – “A quality series throughout, especially the earlier series.

“English based, history, crime and class at the same time. Really grabbed my attention throughout. A worthwhile watch!”

Top Boy – “Another English based series that grips you throughout.

“Highs and lows of business, however you decide to run your business. Gritty and good ending.”

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – “This is my end of night  watch to relax my body mentally and physically.

“Funny, not to serious and good to switch off and relax too. Usually fall asleep whilst watching it!”

Stay tuned to our socials over the coming weeks to find out the rest of our boxers recommendations.