2017 International Strandja Tournament – Schedule and Results

By 21st February 2017News

GB Boxing is represented by a strong team of nine boxers (seven male, two female) at the 2017 International Strandja tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, this week.

The Strandja tournament is Bulgaria’s biggest annual boxing event, attracting over thirty countries to compete. Over two-hundred boxers take part in the event.

Countries competing in this year’s tournament include India, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

This will be Pat McCormack’s first appearance at an international tournament since the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. McCormack, who has moved up a weight since the Olympics will be making his international debut in the welterweight division.

GB Boxing’s Podium Potential boxer, Niall Farrell, will be making his senior international debut out in Bulgaria. After winning a bronze medal at the 2016 England Elite Nation Championships, Farrell will be looking to secure his place on the podium.

GB Boxing Team
49kg Kiaran MacDonald
52kg Niall Farrell
60kg Calum French
69kg Pat McCormack
75kg Benjamin Whittaker
81kg Thomas Hart
91kg Kody Davies

60kg Sandy Ryan
75kg Natasha Gale

The preliminary rounds open at 1400 on 21 February and the tournament runs until 26 February.

Results and updates on the progress of the team at the Strandja will be posted at www.gbboxing.org.uk and on the GB Boxing twitter feed @gbboxing.

Schedule and Results

Official Draw

49kg Kiaran MacDonald (ENG) v 49kg Nicola Cordella (ITA)

52kg Niall Farrell (ENG) v 52kg Gazamat issakulov (KAZ)

60kg Callum French (ENG) v 60kg Shiva Thapa (IND)

69kg Pat McCormack (ENG) v 69kg Miguel Ferrin (ECU)

75kg Ben Whittaker (ENG) v 75kg Arman Darchinyan (ARM)

81kg Thomas Hart (ENG) v 81kg Iago Kizira (GEO)

91kg Kody Davies (WAL) walkover – will box winner of IND v BGC

60kg Sandy Ryan (ENG) v 60kg Natalia shadrina (RUS)

75g Natasha Gale (ENG) v 75kg Oksana Trofimova (RUS)


Preliminary Rounds
Tuesday 21 February
1500 session (1300 uk)
60kg Calum French (ENG) beat 60kg Shiva Thapa (IND) by unanimous decision 5-0
75kg Benjamin Whittaker (ENG) beat 75kg Arman Darchinyak (ARM) by unanimous decision 5-0

Wednesday 22 February 
52kg Niall Farrell (ENG) beat 52kg Azamat Issakulov (KAZ) by split decision 4-1
81kg Tom Hart (ENG) beat 81kg Iago Kizira GEO by unanimous decision

49kg Kiaran MacDonald (ENG) beat 49kg Nicola Cordella (ITA) by unanimous decision
69kg Pat McCormack (ENG) beat 69kg Miguel Ferrin (ECU) by unanimous decision

Thursday 23 February 
60kg Calum French (ENG) beat 60kg Otar Eranosyan (GEO) by split decision 3-2
60kg Sandy Ryan (ENG) beat 60kg Natalia Shadrina (RUS) by split decision 4-1

75kg Ben Whittaker (ENG) beat 75kg Vitaly Bandarenka (BLR) by unanimous decision

Friday 24 February 
49kg Kiaran MacDonald (ENG) beat 49kg Tu Po-Wei (TPE) by RSC-I round 3
75kg Ben Whittaker (ENG) lost to 75kg Valerii Kharlamov (UKR) by split decision

52kg Niall Farrell (ENG) lost to 52kg Jianguan Hu (CHN) by split decision 4-1
60kg Calum French (ENG) beat 60kg Karen Tonakanyan (ARM) by unanimous decision
69kg Pat McCormack (ENG) beat 69kg Vladimir Markaryan (ARM) by unanimous decision
81kg Thomas Hart (ENG) beat 81kg Paul Ardoaie Andrei (ROU) by split decision 3-2
91kg Kody Davies (WAL) beat 91kg Gaurav Chauhan (IND) by unanimous decision
60kg Sandy Ryan (ENG) lost to 60kg Yin Junhua (CHN) by unanimous decision
75kg Natasha Gale (ENG) beat 75kg Oksana trofimova (RUS) by unanimous decision

Saturday 25 February
Afternoon session
49kg Kiaran MacDonald (ENG) beat 49kg Danil Platanovschii (MLD) by unanimous decision
91kg Kody Davies (WAL) lost to 91kg Kristian Dimitrov (BUL) by split decision 4-

Evening session
75kg Natasha Gale (ENG) lost to 75kg Nouchka Fontjin (NED) by unanimous decision
60kg Callum French (ENG) beat 60kg Yuri Shestak (UKR) by split decision 4-1
69kg Pat McCormack (ENG) beat 69kg Merven Clair (MTS) by unanimous decision
81kg Tom Whittaker-Hart (ENG) v 81kg Volodymyr Skrypka (UKR)

Sunday 26 February
49kg Kiaran Macdonald (ENG) lost to 49kg Tinko Banabakov (BUL) by split decision 3:2
60kg Callum French (ENG) beat 60kg Gabil Mamedov (RUS) by split 4:1
69kg Pat McCormack (ENG) beat 69kg Pavel Kastramin (BLR) by split decision 4:1
81kg Tom Whittaker-Hart (ENG) lost to 81kg Dennis Kaufer (SWE) by unanimous decision 5:0