Gee Bee Tournament – results

By 12th March 2016News

England and Wales return from the Gee Bee tournament in Helsinki, Finland, with four silver medals.

Results are as follows:

Quarter finals – 11 March 2016

49kg Sunny Edwards (England) beat Birzhan Zhakipov (Kazakhstan) 2:1

64kg Alfie Price (England) beat Amin Nuri (Finland) 3:0

75kg Troy Williamson (England) beat Igor Kharitonov (Russia) 2:1

91kg Kody Davies (Wales) lost to Vasily Levit (Kazakhstan) 3:0

Semi-finals – 12 March 2016

56kg Sean McGoldrick (Wales) beat Chris Bourke (England) 3:0

64kg Alfie Price (England) beat Hadi Srour (Norway) 3:0

75kg Troy Williamson (England) lost to Michael O’Reilly (Ireland) 3:0

Finals – 13 March 2016

54kg Lisa Whiteside (England) lost to Marielle Hansen (Norway) 3:0

56kg Sean McGoldrick (Wales) lost to Bakhtovar Nazirov (Russia) 3:0

64kg Alfie Price (England) lost to Alekski Mazur (Russia) 3:0

91kg+ Ekow Essuman (England) lost to Muhammed Abdilrasoon (Norway) 3:0

The team

49kg Sunny Edwards (England)
54kg Lisa Whiteside (England)
56kg Sean McGoldrick (Wales)
56kg Chris Bourke (England)
60kg Sandy Ryan (England)
64kg Alfie Price (England)
69kg Ekow Essuman (England)
75kg Troy Williamson (England)
91kg Kody Davies (Wales)
91kg+ Frazer Clarke (England)