Getting started in boxing
Getting started in boxing
Boxing is a dynamic form of exercise that has many social, physical and mental well-being benefits.

Many people have expressed that participating in boxing has helped with self confidence and self esteem. Others enjoy boxing because it is different and liberating and it has helped them to overcome situations such as being bullied or needing to combat stress. 

Our strong advice to anyone that is involved in boxing or is thinking of taking-up the sport is to go to their local boxing club that operates under the auspices of England Boxing, Boxing Scotland and Welsh Boxing where they will be trained and taught the sport by qualified people that fully understand the importance of safety and will ensure that all of the necessary provisions are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of boxers.


If you live in England, you can find a local boxing club on England Boxing's club finder 

If you live in Wales, visit the Welsh Boxing website for details of local clubs.

If you live in Scotland visit Boxing Scotland’s website for contact details.

Ideally you will start in a beginner’s session to try out the club. Some clubs also offer sessions that are more fitness-based than actual boxing, which may be a good option while you are building your confidence. You will need to find out from the club what their programme includes and how much it costs to join.

If you enjoy the sport, the programme in the club should enable you to progress gradually and at your own pace. If you are keen to progress you will need to increase your training and also exercise outside of the boxing club. Good cross training includes swimming and running to improve stamina levels. Your club coach can advise you.
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