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Four GB boxers through to EU Championship semi finals
Four GB boxers through to EU Championship semi finals
Page last updated at 7:50AM BST, Friday, 05 July 2013
Savannah Marshall joins Nicola Adams, Lisa Whiteside and Natasha Jonas in today's semi finals of the Women's EU Championships in Keszthely, Hungary, after beating her Polish opponent yesterday.
Current world champion Savannah beat Lidia Fidura 3:0 in her quarter final and will face Sweden's Love Holgersson in today's semi finals.

Nicola Adams made short work of Abbygail Deekman of the Netherlands in her quarter final, knocking her opponent down several times in the second round and causing the Dutch boxer's coaches to call an end to the bout. Nicola will box Poland's Sandra Drabik in the semis.

Fellow London 2012 Olympian Natasha Jonas had a unanimous win against Karolina Graczyk of Poland, guaranteeing another bronze medal for GB Boxing. She will box French boxer Estelle Mossely for a place in the finals. 

Preston's Lisa Whiteside beat Karolina Michalczuk of Poland in her quarter final to secure her spot in the semi finals of the competition, where she faces Delpihine Mancini of France.

Welsh boxer Lynsey Holdaway joins the four GB boxers in the semis. She faces experienced Italian Valeria Calabrese. England has two juniors through to the finals. Ebonie Jones and Chantelle Reid both won their semi finals yesterday.

Results and schedule include England and Wales home nation boxers not representing GB Boxing.

Boxing today (5/7/2013)

Senior semi finals

48Kg Lynsey Holdaway (Wales) v Valeria Calabrese (Italy)
51Kg Nicola Adams (GB) v Sandra Drabik (Poland)
54Kg Lisa Whiteside (GB)v Delpihine Mancini (France) 
60Kg Natasha Jonas (GB) v Estelle Mossely (France)
75Kg Savannah Marshall (GB) v Love Holgersson (Sweden)



Chantelle Reid (England) v Busenaz Surmeneli (Turkey)

Ebonie Jones (England) v Viglasi Alexandra (Hungary) 

Day one - preliminaries


48kg Lynsey Holdaway (Wales) beat Sevda Asenova (Bulgaria) 3:0

48kg Talia Anthony (England) lost to Bode Anita (Hungary) 2:1

51kg Nicola Adams (GB) beat Terry Gordini (Italy) 3:0

60kg Natasha Jonas (GB) beat Ester Konecna (Czech Republic) 3:0

Day two - preliminaries and quarter finals

Youths - quarter finals

52kg Crystal Barker (England) lost to Neriman Istik (Turkey) 3:0

54kg Olivia Orchard (England) lost to Alicia Holsken (Netherlands) 3:0

Junior - quarter finals

60kg Shona Whitwell (England) lost to Esra Yildiz (Turkey)

Seniors - preliminaries

54kg Lisa Whiteside (GB) beat Hrvojka Cudina (Croatia) TKO3

57kg Carly Wealleans (England) beat Diana Nedim (Denmark) 3:0

Day 3 - quarter finals


48kg Lynsey Holdaway (Wales) beat Meltem Akar (Turkey) PTS

54kg Lisa Whiteside (GB) beat Karolina Michalczuk (Poland) PTS

57kg Carly Wealleans (England) lost to Cecili Nilsson (Finland) PTS

51kg Nicola Adams (GB) beat Abbygail Deekman (Netherlands) RTD2

60kg Natasha Jonas (GB) beat Karolina Graczyk (Poland) PTS

Day 4 - quarter and semi finals 

Juniors - semi finals 

50kg Ebonie Jones (England) beat Sumeyye Kesikoglu (Turkey) 3:0

70Kg Chantelle Reid (England) beat Diana Hegedus (Hungary) 3:0

Seniors - quarter finals 

75kg Savannah Marshall (GB) beat Lidia Fidura (Poland) 3:0
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