Opportunity for 75kg women boxers
Opportunity for 75kg women boxers
Page last updated at 11:45AM BST, Friday, 19 July 2013
The GB Boxing programme is looking to strengthen certain weight classes and give more boxers the opportunity for structured assessment.
The first target group the programme intends to focus on is the women's 75kg category.

An assessment camp for this category is being prepared for late November/early December, but there will be a training workshop on 16 and 17 August to help boxers prepare for, and be able to perform at their best at the assessment camp.

This opportunity will also help boxers and their club coaches to understand assessment, and will create a more open and informed selection process.

The workshop is open to female boxers aged 16-32, between 71kg and 82.5kg, across all three home nations.

It will run from 6pm on Friday 16 August until 4pm Saturday 17 August.

The GB Boxing coaches will be hosting a series of activities to help boxers to develop and prepare for possible assessment.

Boxers wishing to take part are required to complete online registration (below) and must ensure they have an up-to-date medical card before the workshop begins. 

Registered boxers will receive confirmation and full information about the camp after the closing date on 9 August 2013. 

Use the link below to register online.

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