GB Boxing strikes gold at International Silesian Women’s Championships
GB Boxing strikes gold at International Silesian Women’s Championships
Page last updated at 3:32PM BST, Sunday, 22 September 2013
GB Boxing's women stormed the finals of the International Silesian Women’s Championships in Poland to secure a clean sweep of gold medals.

Lisa Whiteside's tournament ended on a frustrating note as the Larches and Savick boxer's opponent was pulled from the bout due to an injury sustained earlier in the competition.


A typically gutsy performance from Natasha Jonas against Australian Shelley Watts earned the Liverpudlian a unanimous points decision and awards for both bout and boxer of the tournament.

Chantelle Cameron's strong performance against tough French boxer Wendy Couvercelle secured a third gold medal for the team, and Portsmouth's Ashleigh Pond, boxing in the youth category, put on a polished display against local champion Magdalena Twarog.


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Results - winners in bold



51kg Ashleigh Pond (Portsmouth Stacey ABC, Hampshire) beat Justyna Gornik (Poland) PTS


51kg Lisa Whiteside (Larches and Savick ABC, Preston) beat Anna Andrzejewska (Poland) Walkover


60kg Natasha Jonas (Rotunda ABC, Liverpool) v Kamila Labut (Poland) RSC2


64kg Chantelle Cameron (King's Heath ABC, Northampton) v Karolina Gawrysiuk (Poland) RSC3


20/09/2013 - Semi finals



51kg Lisa Whiteside beat Kristy Harris (Autralia) PTS


60kg Natasha Jonas beat Natalia Kowalska (Poland) KO3


64kg Chantelle Cameron beat Beata Koroniecka (Poland) PTS


21/09/2013 Finals


51kg Lisa Whiteside beat Nikita Arnold (New Zealand) Walkover


60kg Natasha Jonas beat Shelly Watts (Australia) PTS


64kg Chantelle Cameron beat Wendy Couvercelle (France) PTS


51kg Ashleigh Pond beat Magdalena Twarog (Poland) PTS




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