Lawrence Osueke will box Russia in tonight's final
Four through to Feliks Stamm finals
Four through to Feliks Stamm finals
Page last updated at 9:37AM BST, Friday, 26 April 2013
GB Boxing has four boxers through to the finals of the Feliks Stamm Memorial tournament in Warsaw, Poland, and Natasha Jonas and Lisa Whiteside both win bronze.

52kg Andrew Selby v Vasilij Vetkin (Russia)

75kg Anthony Fowler v Ireneusz Zakrzewski (Poland)

81kg Lawrence Osueke v Pavel Silyagin (Russia)

91kg+ Frazer Clarke v Sergei Verveiko (Poland)

Semi finals results

51kg Lisa Whiteside (GB Boxing - England) lost to Mandy Buyold (Canada) 17:12

Lisa boxed well in the first round, but Mandy’s fast reactions lead her to a one-point lead going into the second. Lisa counterpunched Mandy’s fast attacks, but Mandy’s controlling movement allowed her to increase her lead to 8:4 going into the third. The final two rounds saw much of the same, with Lisa boxing well with fast combinations, but with the Canadian continuing to move well and dictate the movement of the bout. In the final round, Buyold suffered a two point warning, and with a steal in sight, Lisa battled to the end. A good performance from Lisa who leaves with bronze.

52kg Andrew Selby (GB Boxing - Wales) beat Azat Makhemtov (Kazakhstan) 11:6

The first round saw both boxers try to take the centre of the ring, with Selby taking an early one point lead. In the second, Selby started with two lovely movements in and out, coming in with a fast backhand to land a shot, before quickly moving away from danger. With The Kazakh taking the centre, trying to force Andrew on the backfoot, Selby used his fast combinations to extend his lead to 7:4 going into the final round. In the third, Selby used his nifty footwork and fast combinations to score 4:2 for the round, and take the victory.

60kg Natasha Jonas (GB Boxing - England) lost to Sydorenko Oleksandra (Ukraine) 16:11

Natasha took the centre of the ring, throwing straight shots, but Oleksandra's clear punches led the Ukrainian to a 3:2 lead. While Natasha dominated the ring, it was Oleksandra that controlled the movement of the bout, and together with fast shots, extended her lead by an additional point going into the third. The final two round saw much of the same, and as Natasha chased the point difference, Oleksandra grew in confidence and further extended her lead in each round to win the bout 16:11.

75kg Anthony Fowler (GB Boxing - England) beat Rachid Hamani (France) 13:12

This was a tense bout, with Anthony's superior fitness and skills shining through. With Hamani holding at every opportunity, it was hard for Anthony to get into his rhythm, but the GB boxer took a one point lead and in the second used fast straight punches to score his shots on the Frenchman, who preferred wide swinging shots. With the Frenchman clinching and wrestling, and then nipping in fast shots in between clinches, Hamani equalised, but Anthony dug deep in the dying moments of the bout, pulling in a point just before the final bell to be awarded the decision. Anthony will now box Poland in the final.

81kg Lawrence Osueke (GB Boxing - England) beat Burak Akin (Turkey) 16:10

Lawrence controlled the bout from the first bell. As the Turkish boxer pushed him onto his backfoot, Lawrence responded well, landing fast straight shots between the swings of Burak. Going into the second round with a point lead, Lawrence stuck to his game plan and boxed the same way in the second round. As he realised his jab, backhand combination was scoring, he continued this pattern and increased his lead to 10:6 going into the final round. As the Turkish boxer rushed in, swinging shots trying to regain the four point deficit, he couldn’t match the GB man's work-rate. Lawrence used good movement to roll under some wide shots, and landed sharp shots to increase his lead. Lawrence will box Russia in the final.

91kg+ Frazer Clarke (GB Boxing - England) beat Yusuf Acik (Turkey) 14:8

Frazer took control in round one, using a jab, jab, backhand combination to score 4:3 going into the second round. The Turkish boxer was kept at the end of Frazer’s long reach in the second, and using sharp combinations, Frazer extended his lead to 10:7 going into the final round. With good movement, it was clear that Yusuf’s fitness was no match for Frazer, who boxed well as his Turkish opponent fell in with swings. Frazer extended his lead and earned a place in the final against Poland.
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