Natasha Jonas won her first bout since boxing in the London 2012 Olympic Games
Felix Stamm Memorial - preliminaries
Felix Stamm Memorial - preliminaries
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A winning day of preliminaries sees GB Boxing with eight boxers in the quarter finals of the competition in Warsaw, Poland.

51kg Lisa Whiteside  (GB Boxing - England) beat Ceira Smith (Ireland) 15:11

After a cautious start, Ceira used her reach to score against Lisa, the first round finishing level at 3:3. Fast footwork from the Larches and Savick boxer - a skill gained by boxing much taller opponents at 57kg - opened up a point lead going into the third. Lisa moved well, using powerful shots to extend her lead and go on to win the bout 15:11.

52kg Charlie Edwards (GB Boxing - England)  beat Grzegorz Bryanda (Poland) 15:8

Fast combinations saw Charlie gain an early 5:3 lead, which he extended in the second. Fast one-twos further increased his lead to win the bout 15:8.

52kg Andrew Selby  (GB Boxing - Wales) beat Driss Yayaoui (France) 24:6

The French boxer was no match for the World silver medallist, who used all of his skills to open up an early seven point lead after the first round. With fancy footwork and fast hands, Andrew extended his lead to an 11 points going into the final third. A great performance from the Welshman saw him win by a large margin.

56kg Sean McGoldrick  (GB Boxing - Wales) lost to Mehmed Topcakan (Turkey) 15:8

Topcakan had a strong opening round, coming at Sean with fast combinations which allowed for an early two point lead. In the second round Sean found his rhythm, but again the Turkish boxer continued to box well, increasing his lead to 9:5. The final round saw Sean come at Mehmed and land some powerful shots, staying on top of his opponent, but it was too late in the bout and the Turkish boxer won 15:8.

60kg Joe Cordina (GB Boxing - Wales)  beat Sadio Abdullatef (Qatar) 17:6

A relaxed Cordina moved well to score an early 5:1 lead. The second round saw lots of fast combinations from the Welsh boxer, but after a low blow from the GB boxer resulted in an eight count, Joe was awarded a two point penalty. The final round saw Abdullatef  come at Joe and attempt to unload, however Joe stuck to his boxing, moving well out of danger and extending his lead to win 17:6.

60kg Natasha Jonas  (GB Boxing - England) beat Jessica Retallack (Australia) 13:10

With just a one-point lead going into the second round, Natasha mixed up her shots to go for the head and body, which allowed her to extend her lead. The second round saw a good shot from Retallick knock Natasha's gumshield out, and the Australian was growing in confidence as the end of the bout approached. With a 10:6 lead going into the final round, Jessica again knocked Natasha's gumshield out, which meant a two point warning for the GB boxer. However, Natasha continued to box well with fast combinations to comfortably win the bout.

75kg Anthony Fowler (GB Boxing - England) beat Basak Mehmet (Turkey) 9:6

A good bout for Fowler, who employed fast combinations and footwork to move well in-and-out of range. His powerful shots were too much for Basak, and Anthony boxed his way to win each round by a single point. 

Quarter finals draw

51kg Lisa Whiteside (GB Boxing - England) v Clenia Costa (Brazil)

60kg Natasha Jonas (GB Boxing - England) v Mira Potkonen (Finland) 

52kg Charlie Edwards (GB Boxing - England) v Andrew Selby (GB Boxing - Wales)

60kg Joe Cordina (GB Boxing - Wales) v Conceicao Robson (Brazil) 

75kg Anthony Fowler (GB Boxing - England) v Adrian Plichta (Poland) 

81kg Lawrence Osueke (GB Boxing - England) v Matyja Marek (Poland) 

91kg+ Fraser Clarke (GB Boxing - England) v Alexei Zavatin (Moldova)

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