Feliks Stamm quarter finals results
Feliks Stamm quarter finals results
Page last updated at 10:42AM BST, Thursday, 25 April 2013
GB Boxing has six boxers in the semi finals of the Feliks Stamm Memorial tournament in Warsaw, Poland. Yesterday's results and today's semi finals draw are below.
51kg Lisa Whiteside (GB Boxing - England) beat Clenia Costa (Brazil)  17:14

The opening round was cagey, with each boxer scoring 4 points. In the second, Clenia found her rhythm and caught Lisa with some fast combinations to give her a 3 point lead going into the third round. Knowing she had to go up a gear, Lisa dug deep and put pressure on the Brazilian, staying on her with fast shots. Level at 12 all, and with the scores fluctuating every few seconds, the last round was tense, but Lisa finished strong, winning the bout 17:14, and guaranteeing a medal.
60kg Natasha Jonas (GB Boxing - England) beat Mira Potkonen (Finland) Countback 47:46

The two boxers hadn’t faced each other since 2010, where Natasha won by a point. Today saw Mira gain an early one point lead, which she then extended to 8:5 going into the third round. Natasha remained composed and stuck to her fast footwork and strong boxing skills to claw her way back to being just one point down going into the final round. This was a great round of boxing from Natasha, who won the round and is now guaranteed a medal.
52kg Charlie Edwards (GB Boxing - England) lost to Andrew Selby (GB Boxing - Wales) 15:9

A good performance here from both boxers. Charlie scored just one point less in the opening and closing round to his Welsh sparring partner, however Selby’s fancy skills got the better of Charlie in the second round, which extended Andrew’s lead by an additional 4 points. A good performance from Charlie, who would have earned a medal had he not had faced Andrew so early on.
64kg Joe Cordina (GB Boxing - Wales) lost to Robson Concenciao (Brazil) 12:8

As the Brazilian tried to show off around the ring, Joe stuck to his tactics of simple boxing. Joe kept composed throughout the bout, despite Robson’s attempts to break Joe’s focus. After the first round, Joe was one point down, which increased to 2 points down going into the final round. It was a strong performance, but not enough to beat Brazil today.
75kg Anthony Fowler (GB Boxing - England) beat Adrian Plichta (Poland) RSC2

A good performance today from Anthony, who caught his opponent with fast combinations and powerful punches to the head. After giving the Polish boxer an 8 count in round one, it was clear which way this was going to go. 
81kg Lawrence Osueke (GB Boxing - England) beat Marek Matyja (Poland) 15:6

Both Lawrence and Marek tried to take the centre of the ring, however it was Lawrence that was in control, as he opened up a 5:2 lead going into the second. Here, Lawrence boxed well behind straight one-twos and increased his lead to 9:4. In the final round, Lawrence stuck to his sharp punches down the middle to win the bout, and guarantee himself a medal.
91kg+ Frazer Clarke (GB  Boxing - England) beat Alexei Zavatin (Moldova) 10:9

This was a close bout, with both boxers exchanging good shots. Frazer looked the better boxer in the first and second round, as was agreed in the scoring with Frazer entering the final round with a one point advantage. The Moldovan boxer applied pressure in the final round in attempt to take the victory, but it was too late and Frazer remained calm behind his fast straight shots, and went on to guarantee himself a medal.
Semi finals draw
Lisa Whiteside v Mandy Bujold (Canada)
Natasha Jonas v Oleksandra Sydorenko (Ukraine)
Andrew Selby v Azat Makhmetow (Kazakhstan)
Anthony Fowler v Arachid Hamani (France)
Lawrence Osueke v Burak Aksin (Turkey)
Frazer Clarke v Yusuf Acik (Turkey)
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