Commonwealth Games - day 6
Commonwealth Games - day 6
Page last updated at 11:03PM BST, Wednesday, 30 July 2014
GB Boxing added more guaranteed medals to its haul in the quarter finals of the Commonwealth Games today.

The afternoon session witnessed Qais Ashfaq (England), Sean McGoldrick (Wales) and Nicola Adams (England) guarantee themselves at least a bronze medal with quarter-final wins in the men's bantamweight and women's flyweight respectively, but England's heavyweight Warren Baister eliminated from the competition.

Ashfaq beat Scotland's Joe Ham and Adams defeated Sri Lankan Erandi de Silva while heavyweight Baister lost his quarter-final fight to Samir El-Mais of Canada after a split decision.

Qais Ashfaq said: 'I have boxed him (Joe Ham) four times now - beat him three times - and I have sent out a statement. I beat him comfortably in his home town.

'Someone was telling me the other day that he is actually the only boxer on the Scottish squad from Glasgow. To beat him in his own back yard and with his own crowd was extra special.'

Reflecting on his loss, Warren Baister said: 'I thought I'd done enough to win - I thought I hit him with the better shots. He was working but they were just scuffing round my gloves.

I thought I hit him with the nicer, cleaner shots. I thought I had done the better work. It is devastating. It means a lot to me. I had my eye set on gold and I can't believe it.'

Nicola Adams was jubliant as she steamed into the semi-finals.

'I am really pleased with the performance,' she said. 'Everything went to plan, I stuck to the tactics and I think that is what it is all about.

'If you stick to the tactics and listen to the coaches you will always do well. She was a really game fighter I have got to give her credit, she never gave up and kept coming forward.

'Everybody is a challenge for me at this weight. Everybody wants to be the new Nicola Adams, everybody wants to beat me and take the number one spot. But I have got to stick to cutting my grass and not worry about how green everybody else's is.'

Scott Fitzgerald, boxing in the evening session, is also guaranteed at least a bronze medal after a quarter-final victory over New Zealand's Bowyn Morgan.

He said: 'I'm over the moon to have got a bronze medal.  I knew the boy looked strong and I knew how fit he was, I knew he would push me all the way.

'I really had to grit my teeth, it shows that I have got good levels of fitness because he is really fit and I will take that on to the next fight.

'Now I've got to get myself ready to go to that semi-final and go and secure myself at least a silver and get to that big final night.'

Antony Fowler continued to delight the crowd with another assured performance, against Kenya's Nickson Otieno Abaka.

Antony said: 'I got a bronze at the world championship but I am about gold medals, I'm a winner and I want to win the gold.

'I'm not being big headed but that felt like a sparring session to me, I just got the rounds under my belt, found my range and was working on a few things like my head movement.

'I could have stood with him, boxed and countered him or I could have beaten him from a long way away but I didn't have to dig in, it was a good clean performance.'

Savannah Marshall has also secured a bronze at the very least after she saw off Botswana's Pearl Morake.

'I'm over the moon,' she said. 'I don't really think about London 2012 any more, this is special because I hadn't boxed in eight months so I'm so glad to be back in the ring.

'Yesterday was a bit more awkward, I would have preferred to have fought this girl first but I've got a medal now so it's all good.

'I was the last one to box out of everyone so while everyone else probably feels like they have got two left to get through, I feel like I am only just getting started.'

The home nations are enjoying success. Heavyweight Stephen Lavelle of Scotland beat India's Amritpreet Singh 3:0 to set up a semi final against David Light of New Zealand.

Welshman Ashley Williams won a unanimous decision over Malaysian Muhamad Fuad Mohd Redzuan at 49kg.

Lightweight Charlene Jones lost a split decision against Laishram Devi of India, but middleweight Lauren Price enjoyed a unanimous win over Australian Kaye Scott.


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