Charlie Edwards beat Siarhei Loban (Belarus)
Bocskai quarter finals - results
Bocskai quarter finals - results
Page last updated at 9:49AM GMT, Friday, 08 February 2013
GB Boxing has three boxers through to the semi finals of the Bocskai tournament in Debrecen, Hungary - the squad's first major international of 2013.

Quarter finals results

56kg Gamal Yafai lost to Jaiwei Zhang (China) 12:9 

Zhang ran in from the bell, catching Gamal with a low blow in one of his first few shots. The Chinese boxer’s eagerness didn’t let up for the entire round, and his constant pressure meant that Gamal had to focus on his defence more than his attack. Going into the second round 6:2 down, Gamal used his boxing skills to move in and out, counterpunching the Chinese boxer’s attacks, and both boxers were awarded three points. 

Despite continuous slapping from Zhang, Gamal kept to his boxing, countering the Chinese boxer’s swinging shots with a variety of hooks and jabs. A good finish for Gamal, who won the final round 4:3, unfortunately not enough to make it through to the medal stages.

52kg Charlie Edwards beat Siarhei Loban (Belarus) 23:13

With fast 1-2 combinations and footwork, Charlie out-manoeuvred Loban to enter the second round with a 8:5 lead. Charlie continued to move well around the ring, staying on his opponent to administer an eight count, increasing his lead to 17:10 going into the final round. Loban put up a good fight, but Charlie continued to use his speed to outclass his opponent and take his place in the semi finals.

81kg Lawrence Osueke beat Damir Plantic (Croatia) 11:9

The first round was cagey, with both boxers trying to suss each other out, but after what appeared to be a level first round, the Croatian moved into the second with a 4:2 lead. Good defence skills from Lawrence as he out-boxed his opponent in the second, winning the round 4:3, with a single point difference in favour of the Croatian going into the final round. 

The final round saw Lawrence step up a gear, boxing well behind a sharp one-two; never letting his opponent breathe, staying on him all the time. A fantastic last round from our north east boxer, who won the round 5:2, and moves into the semi finals.

91kg+ Frazer Clarke beat Ruslan Kakushkin (Belarus) 16:9
Faced with an opponent keen to stand still and exchange blows, Frazer kept his cool and boxed well, using his height and reach to gain an early 7:4 lead. Frazer continued to move in and out between sharp straight shots, leaving Kakushkin swinging in the centre of the ring. Frazer further increased his lead to 14:5 going into the final round, which saw much of the same as his opponent tired. Looking like he was busy in a bag session, Frazer continued to look sharp and went on to win the bout comfortably.

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