Gamal Yafai beat Poland's Marek Pietruczuk in his preliminary on Wednesday
Bocskai preliminaries - day one results
Bocskai preliminaries - day one results
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Gamal Yafai and Lawrence Osueke led the charge for GB Boxing yesterday (Wednesday) at the Bocskai tournament in Debrecen, Hungary.

Preliminaries 6 February
56kg Gamal Yafai beat Marek Pietruczuk (Poland) 17:12

A cagey first round saw the Birmingham boxer calmly take an early 6:5 lead. In the second, the Polish boxer wanted to stand and trade shots, but a strong jab and backhand combination from Gamal extended the English man's lead to 11:9.
With much of the same in the final round Gamal continued to use his jab to out-box Pietruczuk and win the bout comfortably.

60kg Joe Cordina lost to Miklos Varga (Hungary) 14:3

A good opening round for Joe, using his famous fast hands and footwork to open up an early 4:3 lead.  Cordina continued to box well behind lightning quick combinations, furthering his lead to 9:7 going into the final round. A close last three minutes saw both boxers land some good shots, but it was Miklos who took the victory in front of his home crowd.

81kg Lawrence Osueke beat Muratjan Ara (Austria) 14:6

Sharp, straight shots from Lawrence helped him to a swift 4:2 lead. With fast hands and good side-to-side movement, the Newcastle-based boxer extended his lead to 9:4 going into the final round. As the Austrian swung his shots in, attempting to claw back some points, Lawrence stuck to his boxing and increased his victory to win 14:6.


Preliminaries 7 February

52kg Charlie Edwards v Siarhei Lioban (Belarus) 

56kg Gamal Yafai v Jiawei Zhang (China)

81kg Lawrence Osueke v Damir Plantic (Croatia)

91kg+ Frazer Clarke v Ruslan Kakushkin (Belarus) 

The Welsh Amateur Boxing Association is taking a team of four to Bocskai. They are:

49kg Ashley Williams

60kg Zack Davies

75kg Aaron Bird

81kg Morgan Jones

For more information on the Welsh team visit



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