Adams wins on return to ring
Adams wins on return to ring
Page last updated at 11:24AM BST, Tuesday, 02 July 2013
Olympic Champion Nicola Adams made a successful return to competition today when she defeated Terry Gordini of Italy on the opening day of the EU Championships in Hungary.

Adams was rarely troubled as she eased to a routine points victory in her first outing for 11 months.

Her next bout will be in Thursday's quarter finals as she looks to retain the EU Championship title she won in 201
1 in Poland.

Adams was joined by fellow GB boxer Natasha Jonas and England boxer Talia Anthony. Jonas took command throughout her bout with Ester Konecna of CZE, also winning by a point's decision. Talia Anthony stepped up to show Hungarian boxer Bode Anita a fast paced round with well timed shots but unfortunately lost on a points decision.


Please see the full details of each bout below.

Terry Gordini (Italy) V Nicola Adams (GB)

The first round started cagey for both boxers, it wasn't long before Nicola found her range and target. Gordini pressed forward in a bid to take Nicola out of her stride, this was quickly thwarted as Nicola used good defensive skills and countered well.

During close quarter battles both boxers had success with head and body shots, with Nicola having the last punch as they parted. Confusing her opponent the GB boxer switched from her southpaw stance to orthodox.

In the last few seconds of the final round, a straight rear hand to the head of the Italian had the referee stepping in to give the Italian a standing count. This was the last action in the bout as the bell sounded on the restart, this was a good solid performance by Nicola who won on points

Bode Anita (Hungary) V Talia Anthony (England)

The first round started off well for Talia who held her ground against the pressing Hungarian.

Talia's straight shots were connecting well to the head of her opponent who was trying to get inside of Talia's reach. As the bout progressed Talia's reach advantage made it hard work for the Hungarian, who at times looked frustrated as the jab from the England boxer connected with ease.

In the last round the Hungarian tried to force the pace, but as she made mistakes Talia was there to punish her with some well timed shots.

This was a great round for Talia who showed astounding skill and dedication, unfortunately in this case the decision was given to the home boxer.

Ester Konecna (CZE) V Natasha Jonas (GB)

Konecna tried to keep the GB girl away with straight shots, Natasha slipped and punished her opponent with hooks to the body and head.  As the rounds progressed, the heart appeared to leave Konecna as she had no response to the work rate and accurate punching of Natasha.

The GB boxer scored with combinations to the head, at times leaving her opponent with nowhere to go. At the end of the third round following a straight rear hand to the head the referee stepped in to award a standing count.

This was a commanding performance by the GB boxer who won by a points decision.

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